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News Blaze Media Kit

NewsBlaze Media Kit :: Overview is an independent news source and also an aggregator of business press releases, working in conjunction with major business names. Our increasing readership is well-informed and business savvy. is here to meet your promotional and advertising needs. Founded in 2004, provides customizable and integrated marketing and advertising solutions that support our advertisers' specific needs.

Advertising and marketing solutions include:

· Run of site (various options)

· Industry placements

· Editorial adjacencies, section buyouts

· Unique distribution opportunities

· Product announcements :: Brand is an independent news source as well as an aggregator of business press releases, working in conjunction with some of the major names in press releases, including Business Wire, PRNewswire, Marketwire, Globe Newswire, CCN Matthews, and Eworldwire.

The combination of news and information brings many readers to NewsBlaze, through the search engines and external links. NewsBlaze shows up in hundreds of thousands of web searches on many different search engines and in Google News, every day.

Despite downturns in the traditional news industry, is experiencing an increase in readership. readers currently generate over 700,000 pageviews each month, with over eight million readers in the past year. readers find our in-depth stories refreshing and our unique combination of news and business information and alerts informative. In short, we provide a one stop shop for interesting stories, national and world news and press releases. The broad range of resources and our ability to reach searchers is what sets us apart from our competition.

For advertisers, that means is delivering an audience that is well-informed and business savvy. Advertisers can segment their audience by category or a combination of news and product announcements. is your partner to connect to these readers throughout the US and Canada and worldwide. From integrated marketing, to targeted advertising, to brand or product awareness or product launches, is with you, helping you to reach your targeted audience!

NewsBlaze :: Audience

  • readers are open-minded, curious, and connected globally.
  • Our aim is to engage our readers and provide them with relevant news, information and offers.
  • NewsBlaze has over 350,000 pageviews to business-related news and over 350,000 pageviews to non-business news, each month.
  • Total readers: 5.2 million
    • Male/Female: 54%/46%
    • Median age: 35-49
    • College graduate+: 40%
    • Professional/Managerial: 32%
    • Median Household Income: $76,534
  • Pageviews in the past 12 months 9,200,000

Reader distribution by country:



United States






United Kingdom











NewsBlaze :: Content

NewsBlaze content is focused around five main sections: News, Business, Industry, Entertainment, and Opinions. Each section offers features that are popular with our readers and advertisers.

· News - World News, National News, Health, Food, Politics.

· Business - Business news, Business Columns, Business Travel.

· Industry - 50 Industries, Food & Wine, Travel, Art, Leisure, throughout the US and from around the world.

· Entertainment - Daily Entertainment news, Movie Reviews, TV previews, Horoscopes, Book Reviews and announcements.

· Opinions – Politics from many quarters, Entertainment and business commentary, letters to the editor.

NewsBlaze :: Advertising

Advertising opportunities on are configured to help our advertisers promote their brand or product in the best possible light and to give the best ROI possible, consistent with remembering that our readers and subscribers could be their customers and the customers of other advertisers.

This means that there are some restrictions on the kind of advertising we allow. NewsBlaze advertisers want their customers to be engaged and qualified. NewsBlaze does not accept advertisers who want to blast readers with flashing or gaudy ads that insult their senses or intelligence, so you can be assured that if your ad shares a page with another company's ad, the other advertiser will not be chasing away your prospect. After all, your prospect is also our reader and we want them to return and take the opportunity to visit you again.

NewsBlaze :: Advertising Details


300x250 Medium Rectangle

160x160 Square

120x600 Skyscraper

160x600 Skyscraper

460x400 Half Page

460x250 Front Page Bottom

600x500 Half Page

840xUnlimited Full Page, no other advertising

970x150 Footer

NewsBlaze :: Ad Placement

  • The Medium Rectangle is designed for the top left corner of stories or press releases
  • Skyscrapers are placed on the right side of the page in right column 1, or right column 2
  • Squares are placed on the right side of the page in right column 1, or right column 2
  • Half Page ads are placed below Industry and State News and other sections, or can be placed below a story
  • Full page is your headline, your text, your ads, forms, surveys, with a link from the sitemap and other relevant pages.
  • The ad placement system can distinguish between the various News and press release sections.
  • Some placements require more initial effort on our part, if you want a complex placement. You can choose between a small start-up fee to handle that or you may agree to a 6 month minimum advertising commitment, with no startup.

  • Front Page: The front page is laid out and priced separately to other placements. Only Square and skyscraper ads are available, unless you have a custom creative idea that we agree to.
  • Run of site: This placement puts your ad on almost every page.
  • Story/Press Release: Medium Rectangle placement in a particular story or list of stories/releases - excludes stories that already have exclusivity
  • Section pages: all sizes available

Note: A small number of stories already have exclusive advertising, so they are excluded from further advertising

Content for ads can be:

· Plain text with links

· Graphics,

· Graphics and text

· Video

NewsBlaze :: Pricing Model

These monthly prices are current at July, 2010. Once locked in, they will not increase for at least 24 months, as long as your ad account remains current.

Our advertising model is a fixed cost. If you receive less than the number of impressions we guarantee, we will make it up, and give you 10% extra impressions.

In addition to receiving the ad impressions, your business or organization will be listed on a relevant page – a $200 per month value.

Please call Alan Gray or Sally Gray or our advertising executives for more information or to discuss your requirements.

NewsBlaze :: Advertising rates 2010

Text ads with link - up to 5 lines:

$400 per month front page

$350 per month on story pages – 300,000+ impressions

$350 per month on business pages – 300,000+ impressions
$650 per month run of site – 700,000+ impressions

$250 per month – one industry index page
$100 per month – one internal page, your choice.

A 468x60 Sponsor ad in the top bar, to the right of the main NewsBlaze banner, run of site, with 700,000+ pageviews, is $7000 per month.

Monthly Rates

Non-business sections

Business sections

Front Page

Intermediate Pages

Text ad (5 lines) with link

$300 *

$300 *

$350 *

$200 month *

Text ad (8 lines) with link

$500 *

$500 *

$500 *

$250 month *

160x600 skyscraper column a

$1000 *

$1200 *

$1200 *

$250 month *

160x600 skyscraper column b

$500 *

$500 *

$500 *

$500 month *

730x90 leaderboard one section


$200 month

730x90 leaderboard all sections



$800 month

650x350 Top Half Page one section

$500 month

650x350 Top Half Page all sections

$1600 month

850xUnlimited Your own Full Page, no other advertising, prominent link, includes monthly promotion

$500 month

730x150 Footer, 300,000+ views




730x150 Footer – 1 industry section

$150 month

300x250 Medium Rectangle Exclusive, 300,000+ views




Advertising prices rise over time, unless locked in at these rates. Once locked in, price guaranteed for 24 months.

* To lock in the top position for a placement, add $100 per month

Note: No guarantee of pageviews for the front page.

NewsBlaze :: Contact:

VP Advertising Tom Ski 303 956 0569

director of sales Kemar Cohen

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